Ritu Raj

Artist and Photographer in Phoenix, AZ

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Artist Statement

My paintings reflect my view that art is a vehicle for probing the nature of human existence. Growing up as the son of the acclaimed art critic K.B. Goel, who was a champion of Abstract Expressionist painting in India, I was introduced at an early age to the concept that the artist is an explorer who seeks to uncover universal truths and give visual form to the ineffable. Although I spent many years working in the business world, I always approached my tasks using creativity and abstract thinking. In 2020, while in lockdown during the pandemic, I realized that it was time for me to become a fulltime artist and apply these strategies to my first love, which is painting.

My process is improvisational. Although I may visualize an image in my mind before I begin to paint, I work spontaneously and enjoy watching the imagery unfold before my eyes. In keeping with the idea that I am an explorer, I employ a variety of mediums, including photographs printed on canvas and embellished with paint. My paintings are also stylistically diverse, as they reflect my many moods. My abstract imagery ranges from gestural to geometric, although occasionally something figurative will emerge. I prefer bold, vibrant colors because I want my work to be joyful and awe inspiring.

Philosophically, my art is influenced by the theories of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889-1976). Heidegger argued that art is an organic process for uncovering explanations of being, for revealing the deeper meanings of life that are normally obscured in our daily routines. Through my art, I seek to challenge perceptions, evoke emotions, and invite reflection on such topics as reality, consciousness, and spirituality. Ultimately, I hope that my paintings will inspire others to embrace the beauty of abstraction in both art and life.

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