Ritu Raj

Artist and Photographer in Phoenix, AZ

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As a painter and photographer, my artistic journey is deeply rooted in my upbringing and personal experiences. Growing up alongside my father in India, a preeminent art critic, I was immersed in the world of abstract painting and impactful photography. Over the past 50 years, this exposure has shaped my unique perspective and fueled my passion for art.

My work primarily consists of large abstract paintings characterized by vibrant colors and emotionally charged content. I strive to express the complex workings of my mind, my emotions, and my perceptions of the world on canvas. I find it fascinating that the forms and colors I experimented with as a child still form the foundation of my abstract paintings today.

My journey also led me to the business world, where I've applied my abstract thinking and creativity to various innovative ventures, such as Avasta, the first cloud computing company, Wag Hotels, a chain of pet hotels, SideCar, the first ride-sharing company, and Diamond Foundry, a leading manufacturer of lab-grown diamonds. In each of these ventures, I've treated my projects like abstract paintings, pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking and exploring new possibilities.

To me, abstract art and photography are not just visual expressions but also serve as catalysts for growth and development. They challenge our perceptions, evoke emotions, and inspire us to think beyond the ordinary. As an artist, I hope to share this sense of wonder and discovery with others and encourage them to embrace the beauty of abstraction in both art and life.

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